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Those who write clearly have readers; those who write obscurely have commentators.   Albert Camus



Customer First

"Customer First was one of the most engaging, on-target programs we have ever had."-- Director, Management Development, Major Chicago Hospital Consortium

Live case scenario

Viktor Moszinski, the CEO, has to contend with the pressures of having a warehouse destroyed by a tornado, a lost shipment of merchandise, and an employee who gives less than excellent customer service (to a customer who is one of the city's influential people).  His warehouse manager and delivery team face the challenge of maintaining product delivery schedules while catering to the customers' demands for extra service.  Everybody has forgotten that people in other departments are also important "customers" and must be treated with care and respect.  Meanwhile, Leslie, a clerk in one of the departments, decides to take the company video seriously and puts his customers' needs before management's demands, but finds he may be fired.  He decides to go and have it out with the management.  Viktor has to decide what to do about tornadoes, deliveries, unhappy customers - and now must decide what to do about Leslie.

Learning objectives


  • Effective customer service requires decision-making at the lowest levels
  • Customer service includes recognizing other departments within the organizat
  • ion as customers
  • Customer-first policies can clash with management-first demands
  • Employees must balance management requests against customer demands
  • Productivity pressures sometimes reduce quality performance
  • Unclear objectives create stress
  • Ineffective communication results in low productivity
  • Resistance to new ideas inhibits organizational growth
  • Inconsistency between words and actions lowers morale
  • High quality customer service requires teamwork



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