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Squeeze Play

"Thank you for participating in our annual Leadership Seminar.  In response to your presentation, 'Squeeze Play' was outstanding.  The managers who attended the program felt they learned a lot and benefited greatly from the points that were made during the program."--Director, Training & Development, Major Chicago Hospital

Live case scenario

Squeeze Play tells Phil's story. On returning from a "touchy-feelie" seminar, Phil finds himself snowed under with work.  His department is behind and has been for some time.  His boss, also a close friend and up for a promotion, tries to warn Phil that people are beginning to notice things.  Harry, Phil's subordinate, complains that there isn't enough time to get the reports out since Frank, a colleague, is in the hospital with a serious illness.  The pressure builds.

In addition, Phil's ineffective management has prompted the CEO not only to refuse Phil's request for a higher budget, but also to cut it by ten percent.  Phil demands an explanation; his boss points out that Phil's employees are too helpful in other departments.  Phil decides he's going to get results, but his tough approach backfires when Harry says he hasn't done a crucial report because he's overworked.  When Phil shows up without the report, Phil's boss threatens to take steps.  Phil storms out.  Later, he reconsiders, but discovers that his actions have led to unforeseen consequences.

Learning objectives

  • Unclear objectives create stress
  • Ineffective communication results in low productivity
  • Weak leadership leads to angry recriminations
  • Vague expectations promote crisis management
  • Resistance to new ideas inhibits organizational growth
  • Poor time management fosters lower quality
  • Blinding ambition destroys teamwork
  • Turf protection inhibits information flow

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