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Future Shock Now

"Your program was applicable and meaningful for people ranging from supervisors to Senior Management.  The result was a resounding success."--Vice President, Human Resources, Information Resources Company

Live case scenario

Lida Demetrious, Vice President of Support Services, faces difficult choices.  Her boss Eric wants her to sign-off on their quality committee's recommended changes so he can present them to the board of directors.  Paul, who heads up the factory and maintenance, is set in his ways and doesn't believe that customer service training and quality committees are worthwhile.  He believes that his workers will use the new ideas as a way to goof off on the job.

Meanwhile, Lida has to contend with customer service and with employees who don't quite grasp the new focus on quality - a focus intended to empower them to contribute their ideas towards improving the company's bottom line.  Employees feel caught between the apparently conflicting demands of delivering good customer service, instituting a total quality process, and providing higher productivity.  Lida herself wonders what her new role in a quality-driven company will be.  Throughout the day the pressure mounts, until Lida and Eric confront their differences and realize that quality improvement starts with the co-workers and succeeds with their commitment to action.

Learning objectives

  • Poor communication from top management fosters negative rumors
  • Inconsistency between words and actions lowers morale
  • Quality improvements create multiple reactions in coping with it
  • Fear of the future denies organizational adaptability to new market conditions
  • Resistance to quality requires responsive leadership
  • High quality customer services requires teamwork
  • Failure to plan strategically disintegrates team cohesion
  • Failure to get buy-in for a strategy results in weak commitment

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