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Feedback With Ease

"Not only did the evaluation forms reflect that our people learned a lot, but managers have stopped my staff and me in the halls just to let us know how much they appreciated the program."--Director, Training Development, Fortune 500 Financial Company


This one-day program focuses on the challenges of giving difficult feedback to employees. 

The seminar emphasizes the challenges faced when giving feedback that is uncomfortable, awkward, or negative. 

By using professional actors, a variety of cases are presented that the participants will be asked to improve using their insight and wisdom.

Learning objectives

  • To provide specific, observable and identifiable behaviors
  • To provide feedback that is performance not personality based
  • To give positive feedback that is credible and believable
  • To communicate the importance of changing behaviors
  • To learn a specific process for the conversation with difficult employees
  • To practice applying the principles provided with professional role-players (actors)

Learning methods

Mini Lecture
Individual Worksheet
Skill Practice with Professional Role-players
Individual Reflection
Small Group Discussion
Large Group Discussion
Action Planning for Improvement
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For whom

Sales Managers

Suitable for

Corporate Universities Conferences Retreats