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The person who does not respect words and their proper relationships cannot have much respect for ideas - very possibly cannot have ideas at all.  John Simon




"Your play was a surprising combination of good entertainment and a fairly realistic view of corporate politics."--Manager, Capital Management Firm

Live case scenario

In today's fast-paced world of quick changes and shifting technologies no one is immune, from the top on down.  Reorganization, re-deployment, flexibility and adaptability are the by-words.  Better...Faster...Cheaper illustrates the challenges faced by today's organization.

The top executive, Tom, reads a book that promises improved results.  He seeks to implement the advice with his team, Karen & John, each of whom has different ideas about change and how to manage change.  The team goes to work, joined by Danny and Jennifer.  Danny realizes his own future might not exist as he cooperates with the creation of the new plan.  Tom is not so sure he wants to accept the recommendations of his team because he may have to give up more than he bargained.  While Karen and John have to face each other after realizing just where they stand on the critical issues.

Learning objectives

  • To identify the challenges that change creates
  • To illustrate dramatically the different responses and motivations to change
  • To show the new leadership requirements of executives and managers dealing in a fast-paced, quick-changing, competitive environment
  • To experience the successful management of  stress that change creates
  • To clarify what training and development challenges managers face with people who are moved as a result of re-deployment
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Presentation formats

Standard or Talk show format

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Conferences Training events Retreats
Meetings Sales meetings Dinner events