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"I just had to send you this email. As a result of taking your PowerSuasive Presentation seminar last week, I closed a big piece of business today."--Sales Manager, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company

We're different because we're live

You're probably familiar with the standard "stand in front of a video camera" format used in most presentation training for the last twenty years. Video cameras have clearly helped us teach and learn a great deal about business presentations. However, we've discovered that video-driven presentation workshops come with their own built-in limitations, limitations which are, quite literally, right in front of your face:

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  • Cameras don't buy your product
  • Cameras don't accept your proposal
  • Cameras don't need to be convinced or persuaded
  • In short, cameras aren't people. It's time for presentation training to move to the next generation, and we're proud to be offering it. PowerSuasive Presentation training combines 21st-Century interactive technology with common-sense business know-how, teaching you not only the technical elements of presenting, but the more elusive techniques required to solve the real problems of public presentation: working before a live audience.

    Presenters need active strategies

    Presenters need to learn more active, "in-the-moment" strategies. They need to learn how to move an audience. And that requires more than textbooks and videotapes; it calls for hands-on theatre training. And for twenty-five years The PowerSuasion Players have successfully applied the powers of theatre to the needs of business.

    Some say our workshops resemble business school taught in an acting studio, and that's exactly what we do. Presenters learn to use props for emphasis, powerful storytelling techniques to create honest relationships with the audience, and relaxation techniques to focus energy on the purpose, not perspiration. "In-the-moment" characterization and actor/audience relationship exercises are explored within the context of the time-honored case method. For example, we "cast" you in different circumstances by "casting" the workshop audience in different roles. Each time the relationship changes, and so does your presentation.

    Our instruction team reflects our unique approach

    Two coaches lead each workshop:

    • A CORPORATE TRAINING SPECIALIST experienced in the presentations environment, the professional roles you play, the varied audiences you encounter, and the relationships you need to create to accomplish your goals.

    • A DIRECTOR/TEACHER FROM THE PROFESSIONAL THEATRE experienced in using voice, eyes, body, and gestures to create a relationship with an audience. More importantly, you will learn how to "cast" yourself and your audience according to specific circumstances to create an immediate and believable relationship with your audience.

    Live assessment techniques provide a realistic response

    In keeping with our actor/audience orientation, your work will be assessed not only by our workshop leaders but also by your peers in the workshop, thereby replicating as closely as possible the actual presentation environment.

    We use advanced interactive audience-response technology (keypads) to measure immediately the effectiveness of your presentation.  The keypad input is presented to each participant privately on a computer screen so that the presenter knows immediately the impact of the presentation.


    This combination of theatre techniques and business know-how increases confidence, creates authority, and reduces stress. Further, the use of the case method with immediate audience feedback enables you to effortlessly adapt both what you learn and the content of your presentation to different situations, contexts, and purposes.

    Custom tailoring our workshop

    Because we work with the people in the room, our workshop is highly adaptable to the needs of our clients. We would be glad to discuss adapting case content, length, or format to suit your needs.


    Suitable for


    Executives Managers Salespeople
    Technical Presenters Professional Presenters