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I am not an optimist, but a great believer of hope. Nelson Mandela



Wasn't Easy

"Your play immediately engages the audience and gives them plenty to think about and relate to during the breakout team discussion period."--Director, Executive Development, Fortune 500 Bank

Live case scenario

Nancy is desperate.  New at her job and eager to please, she's convinced she has found just the right solution to one of her boss's client's needs.  As a more experienced colleague, Marlie warns Nancy not to be overzealous. However, Nancy is determined that the client must accept her recommendation, despite the client's disagreement.

Nancy's strongheaded attitude loses her the boss's client.  Upon realizing she has to face the boss with the bad news, Nancy swallows her pride and does what doesn't come easy...and in the process learns a lot about herself, change, and picking up the pieces of life.

Learning objectives

  • Telephone success requires more than just politeness
  • Customer service first demands customer relations
  • Selling is more than just logical presentation
  • Discovering customer needs means assuming one doesn't know the answers, and asking the right questions
  • Doing one's homework is essential to successful persuasion
  • Learning how to do something may be even more important than knowing what to do
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Presentation formats

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