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Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself. Thomas J. Watson





This one-day program stresses the practice of group facilitation, as differentiated from group leadership.  The facilitator is responsible for the quality of the communication in the meeting, while the leader is responsible for the direction the meeting is taking. This workshop separates the facilitation function from the leadership function.

In this seminar, participants actually practice leading a meeting with the other participants, practicing the skills and methods taught at the beginning of the day in a mini-lecture. The facilitator acts as a coach, providing immediate commentary on what is effective and what is not effective in facilitating a meeting.  In this way, participants have hands-on knowledge and experience of what it means to facilitate a meeting.

The afternoon includes practice managing disruptive behaviors so that participants learn how facilitators handle disruptive participants in meetings.

Learning objectives

  • To learn the difference between meeting facilitation and leadership
  • To learn the key communication strategies to build involved, engaged, and participating meeting attendees
  • To learn the attitudes necessary for facilitating
  • To practice the behaviors and attitudes necessary to facilitating a meeting
  • To learn the four objectives of disruption in meetings
  • To identify the objectives of disruption and learn to apply the appropriate counter-strategies for turning disruption into contribution.
  • To practice applying the learned strategies to an actual meeting

learning methods

Mini Lecture
Individual Worksheet
Skill Practice with Professional Role-players
Individual Reflection
Small Group Discussion
Large Group Discussion
Action Planning for Improvement
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For whom

Sales Managers

Suitable for

Corporate Universities Conferences Retreats