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"This simulation generated enthusiasm, overcame inertia and moved us all towards focusing on the real issues within each of us."--Vice President, Major Brokerage Firm


HOTSEATsimulations provide a safe place for both learning and practicing on-the-job skills in a real-time environment without the costs that would usually be incurred in actual work situations, i.e. unhappy customers, dissatisfied employees, and lost sales.

HOTSEATsimulations help participants learn and practice the critical techniques (as defined by the client) to do their jobs better, faster, and cheaper. Highly trained professional role-players (actors) simulate customers, employees, or prospects based upon detailed characteristics provided by client focus groups.  By being put into the hotseat, participants must cope with specific circumstances requiring sophisticated solutions to negotiate the best possible outcome.  Not only do participants learn while in the hotseat, they also learn while observing their peers struggle with similar challenging situationsleading to the best peer coaching possible.

Some of the HOTSEATsimulations we have provided for our clients are:

  • Giving high potentials practice for situations they will face if promoted
  • Providing sales call practice calling on corporate treasurers
  • Practicing situations confronted by merging two companies
  • Dealing with an executive who requires a talking-to
  • Managing dissatisfied customers

Learning objectives

  • Practice identified skills & strategies in a safe learning environment
  • Strengthen creative and improvisational responses to unexpected situations
  • Negotiate with individuals who may or may not be receptive to problem solving
  • Increase credibility and sensitivity when in interactive and interpersonal situations
  • Managing emotional and subjective reactions in productive and professional ways

Learning methods

Mini Lecture
Individual Worksheet
Skill Practice with Professional Role-players

Individual Reflection
Small Group Discussion
Large Group Discussion
Action Planning for Improvement
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Suitable for
Sales Managers
Customer Service personel
Corporate Universities