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Costly Attraction

"As you can see from the feedback forms, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  You did a great job with the gray areas and our outspoken audience."--Vice President, Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Company

Live case scenario

After receiving a well-deserved promotion, Linda Connors delves into her new assignment and begins to make significant progress.  That is, until her mentor starts to expect their relationship to involve more than just business. Meanwhile, good-natured Eddie finds that women in the office are taking offense at things he's always done, such as paying a compliment.  "I'm just trying to be friendly," says Eddie.  "Don't women have a sense of humor anymore?"  The play explores the issue from both the male and female perspectives.

Learning objectives

  • Address the gray areas of sexual harassment
  • Reduce harassment in the workplace
  • Establish a non-threatening work environment
  • Improve productivity by creating a comfortable and confident environment
  • Stop harassment before formal complaints are lodged
  • Change employee attitudes about sexual harassment and about each other
  • Clarify appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace
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Presentation formats

Standard or Talk show format

Suitable for

Conferences Training events Retreats
Meetings Sales meetings Dinner events