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People don't resist change. They resist being changed!   Peter Senge




"One of the most vocal supporters was my boss, the Vice President of Human Resources."--Director, Management Development, Mid-sized Software Company

Live case scenario

In Trickster, Alex and Phil are good friends, both on the job and off. The folks at the plant play jokes on each other. After work, they usually get together for a drink at the local tavern and have a good time. Or do they? Alex's wife Marilyn tells him their series of escalating pranks are childish, that someone might get hurt.

But Alex brushes off her concerns, saying she doesnt understand how it is at work. That's just the way its always been. However, Alex starts to have a change of heart after an accident occurs. And, closer to home, he sees the impact of not belonging to the group with his own wife at her job.

Marilyn is having problems advancing at her company because she doesnt "fit in.," although her colleague Kenny will never come right out and say it that way. Once Alex begins to change, he suddenly finds himself on the other side. Now he is the one who does not belong.

Learning objectives

  • Succession planning requires sensitivity
  • Failure to include creates resentment
  • Lack of inclusion breaks down teamwork
  • Prejudice demotivates
  • Inflexibility leads to frustration and unproductivity

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