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Personal Touch

"Every person in the audience saw their own business on stage.  You captured the spirit, politics, and reality of a closely-held company.  The standing ovation you got says it all."--President, Association Conference

Live case scenario

Peter has built a successful business since the Korean.  His warehouse foreman, George, has not only been a loyal employee, but also saved Peter's life during the war and stood up at Peter's wedding.  Carrie, Peter's daughter, learned much at business school and is eager to try out her wings.  She suspects Frank is stealing.  Eleanor, the office queen bee for thirty years, fears Carrie's big plans won't include her.

On a fateful winter day, everyone discovers that misunderstandings and suspicions can destroy far more than anyone might have expected.  Nonetheless, drawing on the strength of family business, each person comes to terms with the others and realizes the possibilities of new leadership that will not only bring the company into the next generation but also revive the principles that so successfully built the business over the years.

Learning objectives

  • Succession planning requires sensitivity
  • Family business demands extraordinary diplomatic skills
  • Employee theft has many different causes
  • Modernization often leads to organizational resistance
  • Computerization creates fear and lowered productivity
  • Jumping to conclusions creates unexpected morale problems

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Presentation formats

Standard or Talk show format

Suitable for

Conferences Training events Retreats
Meetings Sales meetings Dinner events

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