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"Your program achieved our objective.  We communicated a 'zero' tolerance for harassing behavior and we showed our people what harassment looks like."--Director, Training, Financial Services Firm

Live case scenario

Until explores the definition of and issues involved in working in a hostile environment. Frank Toughe is a highly successful salesperson at Kaiser, Inc., until Persie, a young intern and good friend of the Kaiser family, comes to work at the company for the summer.

Persie and Genevieve, Frank's much-beleaguered secretary, become friends, as each is subjected increasingly to Franks abrasive and offensive behavior. Walter, a fellow salesperson with more knowledge of proper office etiquette, tries to help Frank understand the danger of his disregard for those around him. But Frank refuses to listen, until he and Kaiser Industries are forced to pay the consequences.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding that harassing behavior can take many forms
  • Seeing harassing behavior as behavior unwelcome by colleagues and policy
  • Eliminating harassing behavior is everyones responsibility
  • Understanding that harassing behavior is costly
  • Practicing eliminating harassing behavior

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Presentation formats

Standard or Talk show format

Suitable for

Conferences Training events Retreats
Meetings Sales meetings Dinner events