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Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time. George Bernard Shaw



Question of Style

"I gained more from this seminar than any others I have attended.  It will help me considerably in my sales and overall effectiveness as a salesperson."--Salesperson, Fortune 500 Telcom Company

Live case scenario

Question of Style starts with Marlene and Daniel on the purchasing team to interview vendors.  After making sure they've agreed on the criteria, they begin the process of interviewing.  Cynthia calls on Daniel.  Just having been trained in consultative selling, Cynthia is doing her best to use her "selling style", but Daniel becomes impatient because he's accustomed to product-centered selling.

Learning objectives

  • To increase awareness and sensitivity to "buying styles"
  • To discover how to become more adaptive in the sales process
  • To learn to coach salespeople to adjust to "buying styles"
  • To focus on the sales transaction in terms of key questions:
    • Information
    • Attitude
    • Closing


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Presentation formats

Standard or Talk show format

Suitable for

Conferences Training events Retreats
Meetings Sales meetings Dinner events