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Change before you have to.  Jack Welch



Sales Improvement


Simulations with professional role-players give your people practice without the cost of losing a client,  frustrating a vendor, or increasing discord among colleagues.

Question of Style

Question of Style tells the story of two salespeople who need to adjust to the buying styles of their prospects, but have difficulty doing so.

Wasn't Easy

Nancy in her zealousness ends up alienating one of her boss's customers and she needs to handle the situation before her boss finds out.


This one-day seminar starts with a 30 minute mini-lecture on the responsibilities of the facilitator and then provides strategies the facilitator can use in her work. The rest of the day is spent in a simulation exercise where every participant has a chance to practice facilitation. (Limited to 10 participants.)

PowerSuasive Presentations

A one or two-day seminar, PowerSuasive Presentations uses the "actor-studio" approach to strengthen and focus the presentation skills of the participants.  Furthermore, this seminar does not use video feedback, preferring instead to provide plenty of feedback from the participants, who use criteria to evaluate the presentation.

SuperSonic Listening

This one or two-day seminar provides training in the number one skill salespeople, executives, managers, and persuaders need:  SuperSonic Listening!  Whether selling a product or service, promoting a project idea, or persuading others to a different point of view, knowing how to position in our listener's mind-share what we are presenting is critical.