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Organized writing saves time

Organized writing saves time

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Jane worked very hard to learn the procedures for processing the insurance forms. She not only successfully processed them with less and less error, but she also figured out significant efficiencies that allowed her to process more and more. The section manager rewarded Jane by promoting her to department head. Jane was suddenly overwhelmed with demands for memos, performance appraisals, and correspondence. Her writing skills were not that good and she had no idea how to keep up with the demand.

Our assessment process revealed that Jane's writing skills were limited. Furthermore, her reading skills also needed to be improved. Our one‑on‑one coaching in both reading and writing helped Jane write her performance appraisals more effectively. By consulting with Jane to identify the work she did, our consultant and Jane were able to pinpoint multiple opportunities for using form letters and memos to get what she needed done. After developing these, Jane found that she could spend more time on the few pieces of writing that could not be put into form letters, and as a result could produce better quality work faster.

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