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Vice President succeeds in bettering his image

Vice President succeeds in bettering his image

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Tom was delighted to be named Vice President. Everything was rosy, but a few months later a climate survey revealed that his people didn't quite see things as positively as he did. He knew he was misunderstood because he didn't view himself the way his people viewed him.

In the one-on-one consulting, Tom worked to accept the findings of the survey and other feedback he'd gotten as valuable information, rather than simply denying it as a misunderstanding. He began to view the information as valuable data about the inconsistency between his view of himself and his people's view of his behavior. As Tom examined these inconsistencies, he found many opportunities to make wiser choices that lead to new outcomes. He now relishes getting feedback to modify his perceptions because he views his subordinates as customers whose expectations he must not only satisfy but exceed. By the way, his climate surveys have improved. In fact, Tom now sends out his own mini-surveys to all his customers, peers, and departments.

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