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Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 18:29



About One-on-one Consulting

"Thank you for working with my employee. She is more confident, more assertive, and gets along so much better with her colleagues. You've made my work a lot easier."--Manager, Lockbox Unit, Fortune 500 bank

Improving the organization by improving the individual

One-on-one consulting is dedicated to improving the individual, because we recognize that only by improving the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the individual can both the individual and the organization benefit. One-on-one consulting works with all levels within an organization. Among our clients are CEO's, Vice Presidents, line managers and support staff. Since we work one-on-one with individuals, we can design intensive training programs that speak specifically to an individual's needs so that the individual can become ever more successful within the framework of the organization for which he or she works.

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Privacy and straight talk

One-on-one consulting not only provides for privacy, but also gives our clients the opportunity to speak frankly in a way that a group learning setting could never allow. Consequently, many of our clients are able to put on the table the issues that perplex them on the job. As a result, clients are able to improve their performance because they address the skill deficiencies that they would be reluctant to talk about either to their own boss or to other individuals within the company in a seminar format. One-on-one consulting has addressed some of the following challenges:

  • Creating visions that motivate
  • Shifting leadership paradigms to customer-focused strategies
  • Improving facilitation and team processing skills
  • Strengthening persuasion and selling skills
  • Bettering both writing quality and process
  • Upgrading coaching and communication skills

One-on-one consulting focuses on all communication skills at once because communication is an integrated activity. Listening is linked to speaking; reading is linked to writing. Listening and reading are similar activities; speaking and writing are similar activities. To improve one area without also addressing the other areas creates imbalances that cut performance.

One-on-one consulting improves all the areas of communication through an integrated learning approach that strengthens the various areas of communication simultaneously. Using integrated communication training, our consultants continuously reinforce a variety of critical skills for business success. By training and honing these critical skills, from speaking and writing all the way to visioning and influencing, our clients continuously strengthen the various levels so that they can do their jobs effectively in a balanced and powerful way.

How does a person enroll for training?

  1. We meet the manager of the person to be sent for training.
  2. We meet with the manager to get the manager's perspective of the performance issues involved.
  3. We meet with the person to be trained three times. After the first meeting, the person's reading, writing, speaking and listening are assessed using standardized tests, interviews, and other evaluative instruments. During the second and third meetings, we explore with the person to be trained our findings and set objectives for the one-on-one training.
  4. We then meet with the manager and the person to be trained to review the objectives and get the go-ahead to do the training.


How is the program designed?

Since the training is one-on-one, each person's program is designed specifically to meet that person's developmental needs. The exercises, on-the-job assignments, and in-class training all focus on reaching the goals set by the assessment process.

What is the investment?

Fees are commensurate with job responsibilities.

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