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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.  Albert Einstein



What have we discovered about business writing?

Thank you very much for today’s teleconference. The PowerSuasion Writing Profile results are powerful; your walk-through was of great benefit. (See: I used the semi-colon appropriately - I think!).--Ted P., Director, Organization Development, Fortune 500 Financial Company

Over the last 15 years of evaluating written business communication using this assessment process, we have come to understand the following:

  • About Individuals
    • Most people are surprised by how good their writing is. (They see a lot of 100%'s in their assessment feedback scores.)
    • A few types of writing errors are repeated over and over again, creating the perception that the writing is "bad."
    • By correcting these errors using the personalized editing guide supplied with The PowerSuasion Writing Profile™, written communication is dramatically improved.
  • About Organizations
    • Organizations tend to have specific written communication patterns
    • Organizations can then make decisions about whether and how to change the quality of written communication