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Are the annotated business writing samples returned?

The comments on my writing samples helped me see specific examples of what I can do to improve my writing. Also, I was delighted that some of the errors pointed out were errors I've been struggling with since grammar school.--Jason R., Sales, Large Media Company

PowerSuasion's editors annotate the business writing samples submitted for evaluation. The editors annotate the samples using MSWord's "track changes" feature so the person can see the recommended changes the editors have suggested. In addition, PowerSuasion's editors usually write an introductory comment on each sample to point out things that will help the person improve his or her business writing. Almost always, the person finds these comments instructive, since they often highlight key opportunities for improvement.  

For seminars, the business writing samples are returned at the seminar as well as posted online to the person's private page on PowerSuasion's website.

For the online version, the business writing samples are posted when The PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM has been completed and the person has been informed that her or his profile is done. Thereafter, the business writing samples can be accessed when the person views his results.

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