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What reports can your organization get?

Your reports helped us understand our company and culture better. Thanx!--Chelsea Q., Manager, Human Resources and Organization Development, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company


Facilitator's Report
Your facilitator can review the participant responses to our questionnaire about writing issues and concerns. Using this information, the facilitator can customize a particular seminar to the needs and concerns of the participants when delivering the seminar.

Seminar Profile Report
Your facilitator can review the statistical data aggregated from the data of all the participants. This report is helpful so that the facilitator can see what to emphasize in the seminar.

Organization Communication Profile
Your organization can request this report at any time. This report shows the aggregate statistical data of all the participants from your company since the beginning. This gives your organization an insight into the communication patterns and identifies opportunity for organizational development.

Communication Quality Audit
This report results from a consulting engagement to evaluate the communication of an organization, department, or division. After collecting and evaluating random samples from the department or division, The Communication Quality Audit provides an organization findings and recommendations to improve the quality of communication. Such recommendations might include
  • the development of style books,
  • the reworking of document creation process flows,
  • automation of document creation, or
  • seminars in writing or editing.