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What business writing samples need to be submitted?

I really liked getting my business writing samples back with comments by your editors. I quickly saw where my thinking wasn't right.--Marty T., Supervisor, Plant Maintenance, Medium-sized manufacturer

Upon registration, the person whose writing is to be profiled receives an email specifying both what samples are requested and how they are to be submitted.

  • We ask for seven (7) pieces of writing that
    • The person has written, and
    • Are representative of business writing the person creates on the job.
    • (We will not ask the person to do any writing just to have samples, but ask that business writing samples be selected from the person's work life.)
  • We ask the person to select the following mix of pieces:
    • 2-3 samples should be short--one page or less
    • 2-3 samples should be medium length--more than one page and less than three pages
    • 1-2 samples should be longer than three pages
    • (If they cannot comply with the above because of the nature of their work, we ask that they submit at least seven pieces of writing whatever the length.)
  • We ask for writing samples in the following formats:
    • Word
    • Powerpoint
    • Text
    • Excel
    • Wordperfect