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What do you get with My Writing Profile?

What Person Gets

How Person or Organization Benefits

Using 75 criteria, our professional editors profile   5 to 7 on-the-job writing samples.  The data from the evaluations are consolidated into a report.

The person knows what is good and what needs improvement in their written communication.

Online 24x7 access to assessment results

·         Definition of criterion

·         Examples illustrating criterion

·         Findings for the assessee

·         Recommendations

·         References to further resources

The person can return again and again to refresh their understanding of the material. They can review the definitions of the criteria, see examples, and check the recommendations, and consult further references for more detailed learning.

My Editing Guide™-- a personalized, 5x8, laminated card that lists all items rated at less than 90% in the form of questions an editor might ask

The person has  a handy, desktop editing guide telling them what must be checked and edited to improve the effectiveness of the writing.

Annotation by professional editors of writing samples submitted for assessment to illustrate issues to which the assessee should pay attention

Feedback from professional editors and annotations illustrating how the person’s  writing can be improved provides guidance and insight.

Optional one-hour consultation to review assessment results and walk-through the personalized website

The person  discovers through a personalized conversation where they can strengthen their writing by getting an overview of the findings, examples, and recommendations.

What An Organization Can Get

How An Organization Benefits

Consolidated, aggregate profile of writing within the organization

Organizations can use this information to guide them in the development of style books and policies governing the production of written material.