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When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind. Lucius Annaeus Seneca



Quotes From The Press

Sales & Marketing Executive Report

The theater isn't just for entertainment anymore. It's also for sales training. 'Through theater, salespeople get powerful feedback that they normally don't get from prospects or customers.'

Tom Peters, On Achieving Excellence

(The PowerSuasion Players) have strengthened (the client's) overall training strategy.  'We find it's been very effective when trying to make a big impact on employees.'

Corporate Meetings & Incentives Magazine

'We like to take a slice of life and chew on it,' says Karolus Smejda, who uses art in imitation of life to transform business at the The PowerSuasion Players; 'Unity (of the team) cannot be achieved without a common language,' says Smejda, who uses professional actors in original works about business topics to generate thought, analysis and interaction by corporate groups.  'The play becomes the vehicle,' he says, for a safe discussion of sometimes delicate issues.'

Management Review Magazine

(The PowerSuasion Players provide) a unique training tool that has the potential to involve the audience on a more visceral level than other training options...It is this vibrant atmosphere, Smejda claims, that allows for a more productive, effective, and personal learning experience.

Financial Women Today

The Chicago-based group (The PowerSuasion Players) has offered interactive seminars that address workplace issues in a novel way--through original, live, staged plays performed by professional actors.  The technique has been popular with a variety of corporations, including financial service companies.

Human Resource Executive

Being able to actually see the interaction between coworkers is more informative than just hearing about an incident, because people can observe the unspoken actions (in the skit presented by The PowerSuasion Players).

Insurance Convention Guide

The execu-drama plays like a day in your life.  The characters are complex--each with a divergent viewpoint that you can empathize with.  There are no simple answers to the conflicts they face.  (The client) is thrilled with the impact the play has on managers, adding that she finds live theatre to be a tremendous resource because it actively involves the audience in case studies.

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