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The best revenge is massive success.  Frank Sinatra




"Thank you for having a staff that is easy to work with and reliable."--Vice President, Operations, Electronic Assembly Company

Undoubtedly, leadership is more important than ever in transforming our organizations to meet the competitive reality of future and to encourage the development of new systems and products, while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

Select the seminar or live case (play) you want to know more about.

PowerSuasive Writing

PowerSuasive Writing presents in one day a powerful step-by-step process to strategize and to create persuasive documents, ranging from emails to memoranda


The CEO wants to transform the company, but he encounters resistance from unexpected sources. 

Costly Attraction

Costly Attraction tells the story of a woman who takes a promotion but finds that things change and she loses assignments after an incident of harassment. 


Crossroads tells the story of a family business, where different members of the family and long term employees have different visions of the future, all of which leads to confrontation, outbursts, and leadership challenges.

Customer First

Customer First tells Viktor's story. As the CEO, has to contend with the pressures of having a warehouse destroyed by a tornado, a lost shipment at sea of needed merchandise, and an employee who gives less than excellent customer service (to a customer who is one of the city's influential people).

Future Shock Now

Future Shock Now shows an organization in the throes of adapting to a quickly changing world.  A variety of employees struggle to figure out how to fit into the new world they inhabit, while leadership has to learn its own lessons as well.


Simulations with professional role-players give your people practice without the cost of losing a client,  frustrating a vendor, or increasing discord among colleagues.

Leadership Nightmare

Tom, the leader, has to learn to lead when Diane, a self-starting project manager, joins his team.  Meanwhile, Bill, Diane's colleague, is confused by the open ended, "empowering" management by Phyllis. 

Personal Touch

Personal Touch tells the story of a family business facing both personal and business crisis. Each employee and family member has a different vision of the future, thereby creating conflict; however, family bonds help resolve the tension.

Question of Style

Question of Style tells the story of two salespeople who need to adjust to the buying styles of their prospects, but have difficulty doing so.

Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play tells Phil's story. He has to confront budget cuts, restless employees, and demanding management. As the pressure mounts, Phil finds it more and more challenging to manage the demands and the stress.


This one-day seminar starts with a 30 minute mini-lecture on the responsibilities of the facilitator and then provides strategies the facilitator can use in her work. The rest of the day is spent in a simulation exercise where every participant has a chance to practice facilitation. (Limited to 10 participants.)