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A great writer creates a world of his own and his readers are proud to live in it. A lesser writer may entice them in for a moment, but soon he will watch them filing out.   Cyril Connolly



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"Thank you again for making our job a little easier."--Manager, Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Company

With staff and strategic alliances, PowerSuasion Incorporated provides a broad range of services to help organizations of all kinds get the results they want from their investment. We listen to you, collaborate with you to design your learning experience, cast and rehearse professional role-players (actors) to deliver high quality, exciting, and memorable learning experiences.

Whole brain learning, behavior modeling, and audience participation>

Founded in 1979, The PowerSuasion Players creatively combine business issues with the excitement of live theater. Using advanced training techniques of whole brain learning, behavior modeling, and audience participation, The PowerSuasion Players educate as well as entertain audiences concerning the most important business issues of the day. After presenting the case performed by professional actors, the audience gets involved in giving its suggestions on how the situation should be improved. The audience's suggestions are incorporated by the actors to replay the situation. In this way, the audience sees the impact of its ideas immediately--providing the ultimate in interactivity.

Management consulting combined with playwrighting

A management consultant since 1974, Karolus Smejda founded the LaSalle Street Management Theatre (now The PowerSuasion Players) in Chicago in 1979 to combine his management consulting experience with his playwriting avocation. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, and Chicago's Channel 26 as well as numerous radio shows. The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, TWA's Ambassador Magazine, Crain's, Chicago Sun-Times, Future, and Chicago's Reader have featured stories about The PowerSuasion Players.

Diverse clientele

The PowerSuasion Players and Karolus have designed and delivered corporate communication and performance improvement programs for organizations large and small, publicly traded and privately held, professional partnerships and associations.  (At your request, a list of clients can be supplied.)

Frequent presenter at conventions

A frequent presenter at conventions,  The PowerSuasion Players have done programs for the American Dental Association, The National Welding Supply Association, National Society for Performance and Instruction, American Association for Training and Development, National Brush Association, and Chicago Family Business Council to name just a few.  The PowerSuasion Players have traveled widely and performed from New York to Seattle as well as Minneapolis to Dallas.

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