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What Options Are Available?


"Thank you and thank the actors for contributing to the success of our conference."--Director of Meetings, Society of Association Executives

The PowerSuasion Players provide three levels of interactivity.

Interactive presentation

You've got an audience that doesn't want to get involved, but would rather simply watch the presentation without interacting with the actors. Very much like the traditional theater experience, the audience experiences our engaging and memorable "live case". Afterwards, team assignments and facilitated discussions provide further understanding of the material. Also, the audience processes the play for further understanding of the topic.

Audience coaching

You've got a retreat. You don't want another talking head. It's time for some-thing different. Our interactive presentation is the answer. We start with a play on the topic of your choice. After the play, the audience is divided into teams to discuss alternative strategies and coach actors on new outcomes. Then, the audience participates in the improvisational re-play of scenes from the play to see if the strategies they developed actually work.


You've got an important sales call. You want to practice, but you know your colleagues aren't going to be as tough on you as the actual prospect. A simulation is your answer. By capitalizing on the powerful skill of our actors to "be" someone else, our professional actors play actual customers, managers, prospects, or employees. Your people interact with them in these roles. This simulation trains on all levels--body language, verbal language, visual, emotional, and intellectual. You can check out your approaches without the downside of losing a customer--a clear win-win for many critical business situations.


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