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Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment.   Pearl Buck, The Writer's Book



Why PowerSuasion Players

"The PowerSuasion Players don't tell, but show the consequences of decisions."--Karolus Smejda, President, PowerSuasion

Three things learned

As a communication and management consultant since 1974, I have given many seminars. During those years, I have learned three things that led me to develop The PowerSuasion Players.

First, I learned that lecturing is tough on the audience, no matter how stunning the lecturer or how interesting the topic.

Second, I learned that preaching gives the audience the perception that I am an "authority" in communication; yet I know that almost no one is an authority in communication because it is an art none of us masters.

Third, I learned that my audience is made up of individuals, each of whom has a vast storehouse of knowledge, imagination, and understanding.

As I learned these three things, I came to realize that presenting a play would make communication and business concepts come alive.

Drama means action

Instead of listening to a speaker's chatter about events happening elsewhere at another time, the audience experiences an event happening right here, right now.

Instead of listening to dry concepts, the audience sees characters struggling with everyday business situations.

Instead of listening to simple intellectual solutions, the audience watches the human personality in the grip of making decisions. (By the way, a play is always about decisions and the consequences of those decisions. In fact, the word "drama" in Greek meant action. Business, also, is about decisions and consequences of those decisions.)

Play provides focus

The play provides the focus for discussion. Since each person in the audience brings his own perceptions, values, experiences and prejudices to the play, each person will see the play a little differently.  I decided to capitalize on this fact of human existence. By having discussion groups after the play is presented, the people in the audience can share with one another the rich variety of perspectives and thus benefit from each other's views.  After all, isn't the sharing of perspectives the essence of learning?

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