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History is filled with brilliant people who wanted to fix things and just made them worse. Chuck Palahniuk



Improve Your Meetings

"Thanks to everyone involved for being a vital piece to our management retreat!  Great job."--Corporate University Task Force, Fortune 500 Printing Company


Retreats often times need pizzazz and challenging material to give the participants memorable experiences.  PowerSuasion's retreat programs, varying in length  from half an hour to  a day, challenge and motivate participants by giving them exiting and stimulating edu-tainment.  By using our learning-to-go seminars many clients have given their participants a stimulating and memorable experience for the retreat.  PowerSuasion learning-to-go seminars can also frequently be used as dinner edu-tainment.


PowerSuasion often presents at conferences to support clients in their effort to communicate key messages to their customers, their prospects and their business community.

"Thank you very much for the funny episodes illustrating what our speakers had to say.  These the lighthearted moments by your actors made a long, tough day a lot easier on everyone. Thanks"--HR Manager, Division of an International Telcomm Company

To Support Speakers

Speakers are a vital way for organizations to communicate critical information.  However a parade of speakers can be difficult and hard on the audience.  Too often the audience begins to feel numb to what is being said and may miss critical information.  To help punctuate the speaker's critical messages and to provide relief to the audience,  we have developed a speaker's support program using PowerSuasion's mini-plays.

PowerSuasion's mini-plays introduce speakers or interrupt speakers with humorous vignettes to underscore the points made.  Sometimes, the vignettes show a positive model of what the speaker means to communicate at the end of the speech.

PowerSuasion works with the clients and with the speakers to determine the content of the mini-play and appropriate places for the mini-play in the speaker's presentation.

"Thanks for a fabulous keynote presentation. Your case and your actors woke everyone up and started off the conference with the right message."--Conference Chair, Association

Keynote Presentations

Our programs have frequently been used as Keynotes.  PowerSuasion's engaging live cases make audiences sit up and take notice because they speak the participants' experience.  The interactive replays using audience suggestions involve audiences in solving specific problems.  While engaged in coming up with solutions, they not only learn from each other but are also are entertained by the dramatic improvisation by the actors. The result: Drama, fun & learning--a powerful keynote for your conference!

"Your efforts provided the perfect complement to what our awards dinner was attempting to achieve.  Again, many thanks."--Employee Services Managers, Fortune 1000 Distributor

For Awards & Recognition Dinners and Luncheons

Awards luncheons often can benefit from creative and dramatic accents.  The PowerSuasion Players have often presented mini-plays or other dramatic accents to make the programming for giving awards fun, engaging and memorable developed through our step-by-step process to create customized material.

Actor Walk-arounds

The PowerSuasion Players can create characters that interact with groups in a fun and entertaining way.  Based on "histories" that are provided by the client, these characters literally walk-around and interact with the client group.  These characters communicate your key messages as the characters interact with your people.



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