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Performance Improvement

Business Writer's Challenges

Designed for the busy leader and professional, this business writing seminar focuses on the key decisions you must make to create your emails, letters, and reports so that they are effective! In other words, get you the results you want.


Price: $395.00

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PowerSuasive Writing

PowerSuasive Writing presents in one day a powerful step-by-step process to strategize and to create persuasive documents, ranging from emails to memoranda


Crossroads tells the story of a family business, where different members of the family and long term employees have different visions of the future, all of which leads to confrontation, outbursts, and leadership challenges.

Customer First

Customer First tells Viktor's story. As the CEO, has to contend with the pressures of having a warehouse destroyed by a tornado, a lost shipment at sea of needed merchandise, and an employee who gives less than excellent customer service (to a customer who is one of the city's influential people).


Simulations with professional role-players give your people practice without the cost of losing a client,  frustrating a vendor, or increasing discord among colleagues.


Trickster tells the story of several people who are on the ins and on the outs...this live case presents the challenges prejudice and discrimination can create.