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How are My Writing Profile results delivered?

I use My Editing Guide all the time. Finding out what to check is not the same as having my laminated card to check my writing. Thank you.--Marlene B., Project Manager, IT, Medium-sized Company

The results can be delivered in three ways:

Online My Writing ProfileTM
The online version provides 24x7 access to:
  • Definitions
  • Examples
  • Results
  • Recommendations
  • References to websites, books, and magazines for further study.
    (An additional option is a 45 to 60 minute teleconference to review the results.)

One-Day Writer's ChallengesTM seminar featuring My Writing ProfileTM
This seminar reviews the criteria the assessors used to assesse the writing samples. Not only do participants get their assessment results in a personalized report, but also this information-rich day presents strategies and principles of effective busines writing.

Two-Day Writer's DecisionsTM seminar featuring My Writing ProfileTM
The two-day seminar provides more than the one-day seminar above, because the participants:
  • Write an impromptu in-class writing assignment tailored to the client
  • Practice editing each other's writing samples using the principles presented in the seminar
  • Do more in-class exercises