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We need a type of theatre which not only releases the feelings, insights and impulses possible within the particular historical field of human relations in which the action takes place, but employs and encourages those thoughts and feelings which help transform the field itself.   Bertolt Brecht



1-on-1 Consulting

"The respect my employees have shown me and the increased cooperation from them I completely credit to our individual consulting work. I know I'm lucky to have had the chance to benefit from the private lessons."--Plant Manager, Mid-level Manufacturing Company

Even King Arthur Had His Merlin...

And Merlin was the gateway to the unleashing of hidden powers...that's what our one-on-one consulting achieves.

For some situations and for some individuals, the one-on-one learning environment is the perfect solution for a number of reasons.

  • Privacy
  • Customized assignments
  • Using suitable methods of learning for the individual
  • Reinforcement of learning from session to session