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Custom Created Live Cases & Vignettes

"Your vignettes, along with role-playing sequences, were excellent and very valuable in addressing our goals of enhancing organizational communication and teamwork."--Vice President, Human Resources, Health Care Organization

Custom-created mini-plays (vignettes) and live cases (plays), performed by our expert professional role-players (actors), can add zest, fun, and learning because the material is familiar to the participants. Also, participants frequently discover hidden understandings as well as comprehend their work life even more thoughtfully.

You can use our custom-created mini-plays or live cases in the following:


  • To communicate & promulage important, key messages
  • To illustrate and enliven seminar material
  • To develop organizations and people
  • To spice up awards & recognition events
  • To host vendor or customer events
  • To illustrate seminar material
  • To demonstrate products, services, and sales situations
  • To support speakers at day-long conferencess
  • To bring to life dry data, such as marketing, sales, or organizational statistics


By using our clearly defined development process, we sit down with our clients, clearly define the objectives, and create vignettes to fit within your budget and deadlines.

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