I don't see how anybody starts a novel without knowing how it's going to end. I usually make detailed outlines: how many chapters it will be and so forth.  John Barth

Welcome to the the calculation model for determining the cost of poor writing.
Please answer the questions below.

What do you estimate the average salary for your organization to be?
How many employees use email in your organization?
How many emails does the average employee in your organization generate every day?
On average, how many minutes does it take to create each email?
What percent of emails in the previous question would you estimate has more than one recipient?
Of the emails with multiple readers, what do you estimate to be the average number of multiple readers per email?
How many minutes would you say the average person uses to handle an email that has no request for action? (For example, the person might take time to call the writer or ask a supervisor or write a return email requesting clarification?)
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