I've never outlined a novel before starting to write it - at the outset I've never been aware of the story I was trying to handle except in the most general terms. The beginnings of my novels have always been mere flickerings in the imagination, though in each case the flickerings have been generated, clearly enough, by a kind of emotional ferment that had been in process for some time.  John Hawkes

What we have discovered about written communication?

Over the last 15 years of evaluating business writing using The PowerSuasion Writing Profile, we have come to understand the following:

  • About Individuals
    • Most people are surprised by how good their writing is. (They see a lot of 100%'s in their The PowerSuasion Writing Profile feedback scores.)
    • A few types of business writing errors are repeated over and over again, creating the perception that the writing is "bad."
    • By correcting these errors using the personalized editing guide supplied with The PowerSuasion Writing Profile, the business writer can dramatically improve his or her businesss writing.
  • About Organizations
    • Organizations tend to have specific written communication patterns
    • Organizations can then make decisions about whether and how to change the quality of written communication
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