Revision is just as important as any other part of writing and must be done con amore.  Evelyn Waugh

What writing samples will I be asked to submit?

Upon registration, you will receive an email specifying both what samples need to be submitted with instructions of where to upload your samples.

  • You will be asked to select seven (7) pieces of writing that:
    • you've written, and
    • are representative of writing you do on the job.
  • We will ask you to select the following mix of pieces:
    • 2-3 samples should be one page or less
    • 2-3 samples should be more than one page and less than three pages
    • 1-2 samples should be longer than three pages
    • (If you will not be able to comply with the above because of the nature of your work, you will be asked submit at least seven pieces of writing whatever the length.)
  • You will be asked to submit samples samples in the following formats:
    • Word
    • Powerpoint
    • Text
    • Excel
    • Wordperfect
    • PDF

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